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Hello and and welcome to my website where you can find out more about my experience, skills and strengths in the fields of Prison EducationHigher Education and Community Development in South Wales.

meeeAs a freelance Trainer I am currently working with the Meee Programme which focuses on an individual’s Education, Employment and Enterprise to help them make better choices in both their personal and working lives. We have recently completed two pilots in HMP Berwyn, Europe’s largest prison, working with two cohorts of men of varying sentence length and abilities.  The programme helped the men to understand what their strengths are and to see release as simply a point on their future timeline; to help them prepare whilst in prison and to empower them post-release. The response was fantastic with both cohorts of men, and the prison, wanting to have us in again immediately. Two things of note occurred in these pilot programmes. One learner had not engaged in any form of education since he was fourteen and yet he saw the full week out with us. Secondly, another person serving an IPP sentence, we were informed had little to no chance of parole at their next hearing. Following the Meee Programme and armed with the report supplied following his week with us, he has finally been offered a chance of parole within four months. Both these examples shows that the Meee Programme is an exciting, innovative programme unlike anything else out there and can make a real difference to people’s lives.

PET E&W logos togetherI also currently work as a volunteer for Prisoners’ Education Trust’s Welsh Prisons Project, an organisation I’ve worked closely with since they came to Wales and who I have  a lot of affection for. You can read more about this in the Prison Education section of my website. With PET I’m currently a Research & Development volunteer, strengthening emerging pathways and pipelines, for prisoners in Wales to connect with educational institutions in their communities.

I’m always keen to explore explore further opportunities, and am available for work. So if you would like to know more, you can contact me here.